Sunday, 6 November 2016

We apologise that this website is no longer maintained and we do not plan to update it again in the future*. However we can assure you that Pink Sou'westers remain very active, organising two events every month in and around Birmingham.

We meet every third Thursday of the month in the daytime for a visit (and lunch) to a variety of places including museums, cultural or heritage sites, or environmental attractions, often with private access or a tour guide. We also organise an evening or weekend event which could range from a meal, a walk, ballroom dancing, laser quest, bowling, min-golf, a tour, a craft workshop or whatever people want to do. All events are aimed at enabling like-minded people to socialise, make and develop friendships. We have hundreds of people on our emailing list and our events continue to be popular.

We do not have regular funding but have benefited from some grants which enable us to offer subsidised events and activities, and help with transport.

To find out what we are up to, please email and we will send you our updated calendar of events and details of how to join our e-group or postal mailing list. You can also check us out on our Facebook page, although we do not publicise all events on there because they often fill up quickly just from our e-group circulation.

This information is accurate as of November 2016.

*(We were unable to access it for 18 months due to changes to the blogger site which has been taken over by Google and then changed user account details and blocked us.)